1. PREPARE GETTING READY FOR YOUR SESSION      1) Get a good night’s rest. 2) A long night of drinking will certainly show in your skin and eyes 3) Avoid sunburn & heavy tanning. 4) Make a checklist of garments to bring along 5) Prepare options your hair and/or makeup. 2. ARRIVE: COME IN AND RELAX Usually I answer the door and introduce myself and the team. We offer you coffee water or tea and just get to know a bit about you, go over the wardrobe options, chat about what kinds of looks we want to achieve and your end goals.  […]

SELF EDUCATION: A book that changed the way I shoot.

I can’t stress enough, that if you want to be a photographer you can! You only need to self-educate!  Web Tutorials – Books – Downloads The book that I wish I had been given or read to help me out when I first started, it would be “The Simple Secret to Better Paintings.” This book had been suggested to me by a tattoo artist named Jfiore, and it took me three years to finally read it. When I finally did read it, I gained a “Level UP”! This book can change the way you look at everything!  Read it. Let me know […]


SHOULD HEADSHOTS BE HORIZONTAL OR PORTRAIT ORIENTATION?   In short, this is the preferred method in order to boost your chances of standing out to agencies through your headshot. Prior to the creation of the camera, portraits were done in vertical format. As technology rapidly expands we must follow this trend. The new format of our electronic devices, such as wider screens, has become the new appeal and when a face appears on one of them; it is presented in a horizontal format. I like to take advantage of this opportunity & to use these formats for your headshot as […]


WHAT IS AN APPROPRIATE BACKGROUND FOR A HEADSHOT? Depending on the client we use a specific background (ie blue/green for a travel agency) By and large the best headshot focuses on the energy you transmit vs the color or type of background. White, gray and black keep background noise away and compliments the focus point; your face.

I shoot people for a living and sometimes I chop off their heads. (photography joke Mug)

I shoot people for a living and sometimes I chop off their heads? On social media platforms, we have Limited space. My style of shooting/ cropping is meant to excel in that format. Everyone knows you have features such as your hair and clothes beneath your neckline. There isn’t enough room for such a large photo type, therefore, it is important we maximize the available pixels we have, leaving room for your face and expression. This is what will make your headshot stand out and become more appealing.  This is a guideline not a rule: make sure you let me know what […]


HOW SHOULD I DO MY HAIR AND MAKEUP? Guys can come with their hair done as they would any day. Makeup is generally not recommended for males. Women should hire my makeup and hair stylist. This is the result years of experience watching women come with their hair and makeup done;  it not being camera ready. Makeup should be light, natural and fresh looking. No heavy eye shadows or liners – these tend to not translate as well into headshots as one might think. If you plan to use foundation try to stay away from powders which can give a caked […]


HOW MANY OUTFITS SHOULD I BRING TO A PHOTOSHOOT AND WHAT COLORS? It is crucial that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. If you do not like an outfit that you are wearing, it will show in the photos. Bring a few different options as we will be creating many styles throughout your shoot. Do not wear bold prints or patterns. It will take over the picture making it less about you and more about the clothing. Recommended colors are whites, grays, blacks or other earth tones etc. Those colors photograph nicely. There is no rush so upon […]


CAN WE HAVE A PHOTOSHOOT OUTSIDE? My goal is to provide clients with excellence. This includes a great product and a comfortable environment in order for us to obtain the results we want. Shooting outside doesn’t provide the type of area we are looking for. Between the unpredictable weather patterns, changing the lighting situations and dealing with other outside distractions, it takes away from your appearance in front of the camera. Most of my work is shot inside my neat (REALLY COOL)  and comfortable studio. Consistency is key. I want to be able to give you the quality photos you […]