SELF EDUCATION: A book that changed the way I shoot.

I can’t stress enough, that if you want to be a photographer you can! You only need to self-educate!  Web Tutorials – Books – Downloads The book that I wish I had been given or read to help me out when I first started, it would be “The Simple Secret to Better Paintings.” This book had been suggested to me by a tattoo artist named Jfiore, and it took me three years to finally read it. When I finally did read it, I gained a “Level UP”! This book can change the way you look at everything!  Read it. Let me know […]


WHY DO YOU SHOOT EVERYTHING HORIZONTAL; AREN’T HEADSHOTS SUPPOSED TO BE IN PORTRAIT ORIENTATION? Again, this is a stylized choice to maximize the marketability of your headshot. Portraits have been done in vertical format long before the camera was even invented and it originally made sense that headshots would follow suit. Now, however, much of that has changed. Our TVs have gotten wider, our computer monitors look more like movie screens now, interviews are done in this format, commercials use this format and the list goes on and on. Nearly every time we see a face on an electronic medium […]


WHY ARE ALL YOUR BACKGROUNDS WHITE, GREY OR BLACK? There are times where we use custom backgrounds for very specific corporate clients(ie pink/purple for an ice cream store staff). Generally speaking, though, the best headshots have little to nothing to do with the color or type of background and everything to do with the energy you’re giving the camera. White, gray and black do very little to distract from your face and everything to complement it.

I shoot people for a living and sometimes I chop off their heads.

Don’t worry, this is intentional. Across various social media platforms now profile pictures tend to be small. This specific style is designed to excel in that format…hands down. Everyone knows you have hair and everyone knows you have clothes on beneath your neckline so we maximize the use of the available pixels for what’s really important – your face and your expression. That is what is going to make your headshot more marketable. BOOM!


WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO MY HEADSHOT SESSION? We’ll be working with at least several different looks so bring at least 3-5 different tops. Make sure you are comfortable wearing them. If you’re not crazy about the top then don’t bring it – it will show in the photos. A variety of colors is good but no bold prints or patterns or anything overly gaudy that will detract from you. In addition, whites, grays, earth tones and black always tend to photograph very well so I recommend bringing those if you have them. Feel free to fill up my large […]


DO YOU SHOOT OUTSIDE? Part of providing a great product for my clients includes a comfortable welcoming environment where we can consistently get the results we want day in and day out. Shooting out on some street or in a park offers us very little of either of those. If we’re not fighting the weather we’re dealing with constantly changing light situations all of which takes away from our focus in honing your appearance in front of the camera. Nearly all my work is shot inside my comfortable studio. I want to be able to give you a consistent quality […]