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SELF EDUCATION: A book that changed the way I shoot.

I can’t stress enough, that if you want to be a photographer you can! You only need to self-educate!  Web Tutorials – Books – Downloads The book that I wish I had been given or read to help me out when I first started, it would be “The Simple Secret to Better Paintings.” This book had been suggested to me by a tattoo artist named Jfiore, and it took me three years to finally read it. When I finally did read it, I gained a “Level UP”! This book can change the way you look at everything!  Read it. Let me know […]

I shoot people for a living and sometimes I chop off their heads. (photography joke Mug)

I shoot people for a living and sometimes I chop off their heads? On social media platforms, we have Limited space. My style of shooting/ cropping is meant to excel in that format. Everyone knows you have features such as your hair and clothes beneath your neckline. There isn’t enough room for such a large photo type, therefore, it is important we maximize the available pixels we have, leaving room for your face and expression. This is what will make your headshot stand out and become more appealing.  This is a guideline not a rule: make sure you let me know what […]